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Finanz im Dialog - 17.11.2016

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Finanz im Dialog - 17.11.2016

vom 18. November 2016 Dauer: 02:52 Tags:


Today we will focus on global challenges to a prosperous future. And I would like to give a warm welcome to Mr. Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank. Mr. president, you set two ambitious goals: to end extreme poverty by 2030 and to promote shared prosperity. This two goals can be considered the corner stone of a prosperous future for all of us. But we see many challenges to create this future. In our most recent history we have had to deal with many such challenges and the World Bank Group been a key player. One of the great inspirations for me at the World Bank Group is that everyday you walk through the front door, you see this sign: Our dream is a world free of poverty. The first questions i asked my team is, why is it just a dream? Why don't we put together a plan and why don't we actually put a deadline on the end of poverty. Three ways really to get there: first sustainable economic growth. Sustainable acquittable growth, inclusive economic growth. Second is to invest much more and much more effectually in people, what is often called human capital. And third, to build resilience, not only in developing countries, but countries everywhere, to the major overlapping crisis that we face: climate change, pandemics and off course something, that everybody in Austria understands, refugees, forced displacement. That's related to fragile and conflict-affected societies. I wanna thank all of you in Austria for continuing to engage with us, at the World Bank Group, for being so generous to us, for being one of the center's for the United Nation system. I truly believe that countries like Austria, working with multilateral organizations like us, is the great, great hope for the world. The World Bank is an organization, who is responsible for the funding on the free market. And that's necessary to, that we can bring more money from the free market for investments in these countries. And what is the main asset of the World Bank? They are experts. And nobody in Austria can be such an expert to bring this money to a foreign country, as the World Bank can do it.


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